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I have always been fascinated with old candid in our attempt to document the everyday and how easily these images can become icons. My work is a multi-layered evolution of vivid color, playful shapes, textural fragments, and long forgotten photographic images of nonchalant figures. Each layer is a moment, a new thought, sometimes revealing of what came before and at other times hidden as the momentum continues. I like to tap into the viewer's sense of self by unveiling a connectedness to a moment. While identity remains anonymous, a sensitivity to time and space takes over. As I paint in the round, I offer no beginning or ends. Simply taking you on a journey by offering snapshots of information buried along the way. Savannah, GA has been my home for the past thirty years and I have exhibited regionally, as well as nationally. 

The artist studio with paintings on display.

EDUCATION BFA Savannah College of Art & Design, 1988




"LOOK!," Lanoue Fine Art, Boston, MA


"Melody Postma: Scenes From My Etch-a-Sketch," Matre Gallery, Atlanta, GA


Melody Postma, Introduces New Works, Matre Gallery, Atlanta,GA  

Scenic, Gallery Espresso, Savannah, GA


Melody Postma, Play, new works at Tangos, Tybee Island, GA




“summer group” Lanoue Fine Art, Boston,MA


“Summer Group” Hubert Gallery, NYC 

“Small Works Show” Whitney Gallery, Savannah, GA

“Winter Show” Trudy Labell Fine Art, Naples, FL


“Winter Group Show” Visions West Gallery, Denver, CO 

“Figure Show” Trudy Labell Fine art, Naples, FL

“Summer Group Show” Lanoue Fine Art, Boston, MA

“Woman” Whitney Gallery, Savannah,GA


“Summer Salon” Hubert Gallery, NYC

“Winter Group Show”,Mark Gallery, New Jersey


“SNAP, CRACLE, POP!” Drake Gallery, Wallingford, PA

“POP SHOW!” Mars Gallery, Chicago,IL

“SNAP, CRAKLE, POP!” Mark Gallery, New Jersey

"3 Person Show," Visions West Gallery, Denver, CO

"Splash," Lanoue Fine Art, Boston, MA

"Changing Room," Hagedorn Foundation Gallery, Atlanta, GA


"Dreams," Whitney Gallery, Savannah, GA 

"Transportation," Whitney Gallery, Savannah, GA 

"June Stratton & Melody Postma," Lanoue Fine Art, Boston


"Visions: Contemporary Female Artists," Lanoue Fine Art, Boston 

"About Girls," Whitney Gallery, Savannah, GA 

"Art Now," Lanoue Fine Art, Boston, MA 

"Small Works," Whitney Gallery Savannah, GA 

"12th Anniversary Show," Matre Gallery, Atlanta, GA


"Small Works," Whitney Gallery, Savannah, GA 

"A Celebration of 4 Georgia Artists," Matre Gallery, Atlanta, GA 

"New Artists 2006," Whitney Gallery, Savannah, GA 

"Paint in the Pods," The Sun Dial, Atlanta, GA 

"Small Views," Bennett Galleries , Nashville, TN 

"24 At 24E," Twenty Four E, Savannah, GA 

"Spring Members Show," Matre Gallery, Atlanta, GA


"Small works," Savannah Gallery, Atlanta, GA 

"Small works," Red Gallery, Savannah, GA 

"Ossabaw Benefit Exhibition," Jack Leigh Gallery, Savannah, GA 

"Melody Postma," Selected Paintings, Skylark Eurodesigins 

"For Art's Sake," Downtown Design District, Savannah, GA 

"Garden Expo," The Roundhouse, Savannah, GA 

"Wave of Hope," Sentient Bean, Savannah, GA


"Queen of Hearts," Women's Work Gallery, Savannah, GA



King and Spalding, Atlanta,Ga 

Hirsch Bedner, Atlanta,Ga - Singer Island Florida collection 

Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA 

SCAD- Crites Hall Permanent Installation, Performing Arts Building, Savannah,GA

SCAD- Permanent Collection- France, Hong Kong, Atlanta and Savannah

The Sho-Place, Columbus, GA 

Blackbird Advertising 

Poticny, Deering, Felder PC, Savannah, GA

Circa Lighting- Chicago, Savannah

Delta Sky Club- Denver, CO- Newark, New Jersey

Double Tree by Hilton, Downtown Atlanta, GA

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA

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